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50 Tips Menjadi Isteri Solehah

Assalamualaikum dearies...

Meh nak share sikit tips untuk isteri dan bakal isteri bagi keharmonian rumahtangga...Membentuk keluarga yang bahagia dalam keredhaan Allah memerlukan kerjasama dua-dua pihak...

Semoga tips ni jadi guide line untuk kita menjadi isteri terbaik...isteri dambaan suami setiap masa.

The 50 tips to be the Solehah wife

1. You not only playing the role as a wife, but as a lover, a friend, a supporter, an adviser, a good listener, a motivator, one that educate (your kids) and one that pray..

2. ALWAYS obey your husband in everything that are allowed by the syara' except in any case that involved the events against Allah's.

3. Must satisfy each of your husband's needs wisely especially his sexual needs. To him, sex is the proof and vital way to maintain your love to each other.

4. Try to understand his habit and character and be PATIENT. Women are already built with intuition within themselves, use it to the max, you might be able to figure out his wants, his wishes, without him spelled it out for you.

5. Whatever you wants from your husband, try to tell him nicely. Do not order him to do it. Sometimes you might even need to repeat it for hundreds of times until it crystal clear to him, just be patient and slowly telling him.

6. As a woman and a wife, you must not forget YOU. Be the clean and beautiful woman so that your husband feel happy having a woman like you by his side. You might also ask him what kind of looks he preferred from you so you might just do it. he will be gladly pleased with it.

7. Forgive him and others every night before go to bed, ask for forgiveness from him. His forgiveness can cleanse your heart, cure the ache, makes you more beautiful, make the love of you both stronger and believe me, your doa' is easily get answered.

8. Always pray for him, through praying, your soul and his soul will strongly get connected and formed love that deepens and longer-lasting.

9. Always make your husband the first priority in your life, not even your parents or anyone can come first. But never forget to stay respectful to your parents for it is them that you gain happiness till the Hereafter.

10. Be happy when you have children. Take care and educate them as best as you can. Never rely on others in taking care of your kids.

11. Make sure you always asks for his permission every time you want to go out somewhere or you can ask for a specific terms of permissions.(^^) Remember, going out without him agreed is sinful.

12. Try not to be the "Queen Control". The prophet once had mentioned that once the husband obeyed the wife, it was sure their marriage are going down..

13. Try to give him the warm smiling looks, with sweet words, listen to his words and touch or hug him when he off to work or just came back from work.

14. Always eat with him, doesn't matter whether you have eaten or not. If you let him eat alone, you'll make him feel unloved. So try to eat with him more often.

15. Once in a while, take a bath with him. This will deepens the love of you two and makes both of you even closer. It is sunnah after all to take bath together.

16. When he fell ill, treat him lovingly. Your touch and sweet motivating words are the best cure after all.

17. To things that unnecessary to fight or debate on, you must give in. If you keep fighting against him or being stubborn, you will let him feel disappointed and less manly which eventually leading to stress.

18. Cover your aurat' perfectly especially to any man for the benefit of this world and Hereafter.

19. Love your husband fully and always makes him pleased with you. Remember, Your husband is the best man for you and you are the best woman for him.

20. Keep whatever secrets he told you to yourself. Never tell anyone his bad or weaknesses even unintentionally to even your friends or family members. It is wrong, unacceptable and sinful as well.

21. Allah will never look at those wives who are ungrateful towards their husbands good deeds. Whatever it is, always thankful to whatever your husband did no matter it's big or small.

22. Most of those going to hell are those wives who swear and ungrateful towards their husbands. Prevent yourself from disobeying, staying unfaithful or sabotaging your own husband.

23. Never hurt your husband's feelings by doing things lazily, fighting, swearing, complaining, enslaving, arrogant or go up against his words.

24. Never accept any visitor (not muhrim) when your husband is not home. This is one of things that might destroy your marriage.

25. Wake him up for night prayer and together both of you perform the night prayer. This is one of the things that will give blessings and shine up your grave later.

26. In case of polygamy, never ask your husband to divorce the other wives. This is a big sins if you did. Learn to be patient and share and live it peacefully.

27. A wife that asks for divorce without any good reasonable excuse will never touch the heaven. Never ask for a divorce without reasons allowed by the syara'.

28. Keep yourself from the satan by saying basmalah, ta'awuz, kursi, prayers and always keep yourself in Wudu' and read Al-Fatihah along with the 3-Qul aya'.

29. Keep the "shyness" in you as a woman. Being shy for a man is good but shyness in a woman is way even better. A women that has lost her own shyness has lost her dignity and values as a woman.

30. When your husband just back form work, give him a 30-minutes break before bombard him with questions. Tell him more of the good news than the bad news.

31. Let the Quran be your friends at times of troubles, frustration or sick. Practise isyrak and dhuha prayer.

32. Repent now before it's too late. Always ask for forgiveness from your husband, usually the husband will die earlier than the wife.

33. Never think negatively of your husband. in-laws, parents, neighbours or others. You might never know whatever you thought of or wishes for may come true.( as a doa)

34. Always think nicely of everyone for everything happens according to Allah's wills. What He decided upon us is always the best for us and those around us. Those jahil can't see this fact.

35. Fulfill all the rights of Allah. What He asks us to do, DO IT ALL. Whatever He forbids, stay away from it completely. We must accept what He gave us with redha and gratefullness.

36. Identify the source of our anger. Are we being too sensitive, tension, unappreciated, rights were taken away, marriage problem etc. Once you identified the problem, solving it will be easier.

37. Understand the effects of anger. Ugly face, heart problem, hypertension, flu, viral infection, osteoporosis, marriage on-the-rock. Control your anger.

38. Socialize with the good circle of friends, look out for new friends. Usually those with lots of good friends won't easily failed in dunia or akhira'. To get a good friend, Be a good friend.

39. Make a law in house. When your husband gets mad, the wife should keep silent and patient. When the wife get mad, the husband should keep silent, patient and comforts her back. Giving in is a sign of mature person.

40. Cure your rusted heart with tauba' prayer, istighfar, read the Quran, donation, asking for forgivess, forgive everyone, give people to eat and be friends with those holy muslims or those good and kind people.

41. Welcome your husband every time with a warming ways. How about groom yourself first before open that door to welcome him from work. Every afternoon, make him some coffee and massage his shoulder and neck. I bet your husband will be pleased.

42. A soft voice can cure the soul and lower down the stress that your husband had. Soften your voice every time you talked to him.

43. When you make love with him, show him the best that you got. If can, satisfy his every needs. Your husband will feel great disappointment and hurtful once his wants being rejected.

44. Lower the anger of your husband wisely. Never answered him back even though we are right, only tell him the truth when his anger had gone. If both of you went with your own egos, surely the marriage is going down.

45. Always prioritized the family of your husband. Treat them as though you treating your own. When we loves our husband, we must respect those he loves too.

46. Jealousy is a sign of those with iman and a sign of love. But excessive jealousy tends to make your husband torn into two and stressful. So, whenever you feel the jealousy kicking in, straight away pray to Allah to save us and the marriage.

47. A mithali wife always restrain herself from doing any big sins. Bear in mind, repeated small sins also can be considered as big sins. Once you have done any sins, repent instantly.

48. Never allowed any wrong-doing in our marriage. Bear to ourselves and family members that to restrain away from any acts that disregard by Allah. Once you did it, Allah will never bless the household.

49. The best daily act for a mithali wife is taubat prayer, 70X istighfar, hajat prayer, forgive everyone, think positive of every one and pray for the best to our family and our neighbours.

50. Balance your life with a cleanse heart, correcting the act, be friends with good people, take care of your solat, recreations and do the best in everything possibly

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